Nitesh Kafle
About me

Coming from a computer engineering background, I took the hard way to learning design. Learning photoshop just as a hobby on a vacation during college led me to the current path of finding solutions for various kinds of people.

My father taught me from my very childhood to focus on finding solutions whenever I encounter a problem. I realize it now, he was teaching me UX design since then.

After many graphic posters, illustrations, mobile apps, web apps and whatnot, I see the physical world through UX design. That's why I call myself a Product designer.

You can see my graphic works and UX works from this website. Besides this, you will know that I love music and singing a lot. I got a ukulele and with knowledge of 5-6 chords, I play any song I like and sing along. I like to travel and go places a lot. Living in a country famous for mountains I have a lot of destination to cover and I will do it throughout my life.

On weekends you will find me either with the friends and family having party/chitchat or just in my room chilling watching movies/series. By the way, my all time favorite is “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”.

If you want to connect with me personally, you can connect with me through facebook or instagram.

Phone: +977-9846153555Email: